100% Genuine Leather Women Waist Bags

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Bolsa Feminina Leather Women Waist Bags


Today we introduce a bag that can make love free,Crescent shape,It contains fashion flavor between delicacy and grace. It is said that she can also be loaded with happiness,Choose high-quality spilt leather, fashionable and versatile.unique half moon shape curve shape, shape feeling full,we named her Waist Bag,



Two available color, Cool black and sweet pink so it's a cool Chest Bag and also could be a sweet fashion shoulder belt,


Smooth lines profile, beautiful curves, 360° no dead angle,present a sense of unruly, with the temperament of casual .The connection with the shoulder strap adopts the outer protruding metal ring, which is novel and good-looking


The zipper part, use the telephone line type design, lovely and exquisite.

Shoulder strap USES half metal chain half leather way, beautiful and has a sense of design,


small bag but large capacity can put down short wallets,phones cosmetics,keys and other daily necessities


This bag improved its shoulder strap, so that the shoulder strap can be adjusted to increase the use of a variety of methods