LUPU Synthetic Chignon Messy Scrunchie

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LUPU Synthetic Messy Hair Bun With Elastic band Scrunchies Donut High Temperture Fiber Natural Fake Hair

1) Style:Hair Bun Scrunchie 2) Material:Synthetic High Temperture Fiber 3) Texture: Curly 4) Color: Black Brown Red Blonde Grey,More Colors Can Be Choose 5) If there are other requirements and more quantities, please contact us We have strict production procedures and can provide high-quality products Our hair is very dense, the color is natural, soft and easy to wear, let you easily become beautiful The material of our hair is synthetic high temperture fiber, which can be straightened or curled, and can also be washed and cured,Can easily make the hairstyle you want


1. Can the hair be straightened and curled? The material of our hair is high-temperature synthetic fiber, you can straighten or curl, but the temperature should not exceed 120 degrees, otherwise it may make it dry 2. Why is the weight different from the description? Our products are all manufactured by the factory, and there may be a 5-10g error is normal. 3. Why is my hair tangled? The hair will become smooth due to dryness or oil stains, and will not be combed every day. Treat wigs like your own hair. Use high-quality shampoo and conditioner to care for your hair. It is very important to keep the hair soft and shiny, comb it every day and wash it at least once a week 4. How to deal with odor? Some customers may have an odor when they receive their hair. Please do n’t worry. It may be too long in the package. You can put your hair in a ventilated place. After a while, the odor will disappear. 5. Why is the color different from the description? Our products are all taken by photographers. Due to different monitors, the pictures may have a certain color difference with the actual product. If you think that the received product has the wrong color, please contact us to see if you can return or refund 6. Hair loss? There is slight hair loss in the wig, which is floating hair. For example, human hair also has hair loss. If you use a comb and comb it many times, the hair loss will disappear.